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Moreno Valley, CA

Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches and port mirroring

So here is the deal, I have a server on switch A where port 3 is monitoring traffic for most of the ports on switch A. However I have other users on switch B that needs to have port 3 on switch A monitor as well. Is this possible? I have been reading about rspan but doesnt seem to work.

Switch A:

monitor session 1 source interface fast0/1 - 2
monitor session 1 source interface fast0/4 - 46
monitor session 1 destination interface fast0/3
(this works great for switch A, I need a solution to get switch B to also have some ports sent to port 3 on switch A for monitoring.)

So in a nutshell I have the following:

1. I have two switches
2. One switch is not enough to capture all the data
3. I need to see if I can send data over from switch B to the destination on switch A fa0/3

What make / model is switch B? RSPAN'd work perfectly for your needs, depending on how you set things up.
Namely, if the stuff on switch A and B are in the same VLAN, your config'd go something like this :

monitor session 1 source int (int)
monitor session 1 dest remote vlan (vlan)

monitor session 2 source remote vlan (vlan)
monitor session 2 destination int fa0/3

The two VLANs would have to match on A and B, and the VLAN itself allowed to traverse the trunk between
the two, if so configured.

Just my 00000010bits.