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Boynton Beach, FL
reply to Bill_F

Re: [Business] IPv6 Availability

There's probably 4 categories of customers:

Business w/ Customer Owned (i.e. DHCP)
Business w/ SMC or Netgear (i.e. Static)
Business w/ non-HFC installation

The first two probably already have access to IPv6 if their area has been enabled, though which ones this would apply to, I do not know for sure, as I am behind the "wrong" CMTS...


Huntsville, AL
said by AVonGauss:

1. Residential
2. Business w/ Customer Owned (i.e. DHCP)
3. Business w/ SMC or Netgear (i.e. Static)
4. Business w/ non-HFC installation

From what I understand, #1 and #2 cases already have dynamic IPV6, and probably won't get static. #4 probably also already has static I believe, especially since they get straight up metro ethernet now according to the 305 install thread.

So I think this only applies to group #3.

The next question is, does Comcast expect to have to replace everyone's SMCD3G modem to hand out static IPV6.
Since we don't have an answer on this yet, I am going to predict the answer will be yes. SMC has had plenty of time to upgrade the firmware...

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The Boro
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reply to AVonGauss
There is also another class of Business Class customers:

Business w/ SMC or Netgear (DHCP)

And a subclass of Busness Class customers using the SMC gateways who will almost definitely need a new "modem" in order to get IPv6:

Business w/ SMC8014 gateway (DOCSIS 2)
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Boynton Beach, FL
Good point on the SMC 8014 (I still have a mental block regarding that device). I do think however the SMC / Netgear customers whether they are DHCP or static are probably in the same category.