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The Rock
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Re: John McAfee Wanted for Murder




When smartphone users use the tracking device to take a photo and send a photo, their information is also sent.

"And some of that data, depending on how the phone is set, is going to include the location where it was taken," says Brenner.

On his blog, McAfee called the disclosure an "accidental release ... by an unseasoned technician at VICE headquarters."

Now he's emerged in Guatemala City asking for political asylum and saying he left Belize to escape a witch-hunt.

"At that point, I decided I had to do something, went undercover, I'm now here and I'm now going to speak out, and I'm going to speak out big time," McAfee told VICE.

McAfee, who developed the anti-virus security program that bears his name, left the company 18 years ago. Since then, he's been living on the millions he made as one of the first big software pioneers.

LoL .. wasn't he asking about cell phone tracking?
American software pioneer John McAfee was in international hiding until a standard cell phone setting gave away his whereabouts. Technology reporter Craig Timberg tells us how he was found and how much of our own data gets shared every day.