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Brooklyn, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
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Re: [connectivity] VZ customer support is garbage / what should

Hey guys. Thanks to tim, my line is way more stable now. However, it does still desync. It's really weird. I never had this problem before. It desyncs about once or twice a day for maybe a second and then everything comes back online. I can tell because it usually happens while I'm watching streaming video on twitch.tv or youtube. My ichat will also disconnect and come back online in a few seconds.

Did you notice anything weird on my line while you checked it Tim? Maybe it's because I'm in NYC and I know Sandy ruined a lot of the wiring in NY. Come to think of it, this problem started around that time and only got worse as my speed got increased.

Though it's not as ruinous as my previous situation, it's still slightly annoying. Any ideas? If nothing can be done about this, that's fine because it's only a slight annoyance. Just wondering is all.