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Burlington, ON

[CallCentric] What happens at 2400 seconds?

Interesting situation: Mrs R called her cousin, and the call dropped at exactly 40 minutes (2400 seconds on the button). She redialed, and the same thing happened exactly 40 minutes later. I've used the same phone/router/ISP/Callcentric to SIPbroker for conversations much longer than this with no problem. I don't recall if we have had other PSTN terminated calls go beyond 40 minutes with CC or not, but we certainly have with other providers using the same equipment at our end. (the telephone supports registration with multiple providers for different lines)

It struck me as strange that the calls dropped after exactly the same duration: 2400 seconds exactly. So, what parameters in the various networks, phones, etc are typically set to 2400 seconds? That might be the first place I'll start looking.

(Panasonic KT-TGP550T04, Buffalo router with factory installed DD-WRT QoS enabled, Cogeco internet)

Any ideas?



Houston, TX
Login to the portal and check under Preferences->General. 5th item down is for maximum call duration. I believe it defaults to 120 minutes, but possibly yours is set shorter.

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to rollerblader7
I'm sure you know that CC dashboard allows to set max call duration, but 40 minutes is not an option---options are 30, 60, 120, etc....

But why do you assume it is [your] phone or your provider?

Seems to me it is just as likely to be the phone or provider of the [other] party---your wife's cousin.

If you provide CC with the phone number and the time of the calls, they can probably get some more info for you.


Does your wife's cousin use Google Voice for example?

Some GV users have reported disconnects at 40 minutes.

Houston, TX
reply to rollerblader7
Someone was telling me that SIP re-invites are becoming more important. Some ITSPs have been sending re-invites at certain times during long calls to ensure that the call is not an orphan.

Some SIP end-points don't handle re-invites well. If they fail to cope with the re-invite usually the media get dropped.


Burlington, ON
....several good thoughts above. thanks.

-max call duration was set to 360 minutes.
-other party was POTS
-CC said they didn't see anything unusual at their end in the CDR data. But they have added a SIP trace for the next few days to see if anything shows up. I'm not sure I'll have any calls of that duration but it was nice of them to offer.

I'll have to do some research to see how the Panasonic phone handles re-invites. anyone know if CC uses them?

Thanks again.


Bellingham, WA
reply to rollerblader7
I had the same thing happen a couple days ago, two calls that were dropped after 40 min. My dashboard was set at the default 120 min. They were Click 2 Dial calls w/ SIP and PSTN endpoints.

Tarzana, CA
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to rollerblader7
I had the calls occasionally dropped off at 60 minutes with CallWithUs. Sergei said that some underlying providers do that. From "user experience" perspective it's not a bad idea to take a break after an hour of chatting... or even decide that an hour might be enough and tomorrow will be another day So, I never pursued the resolution; especially since it's very intermittent (happens maybe once out of 4-5 long calls; which equates to about once a month)
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