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The WheelMan


Channel blanks out at night

My family is new to Uverse Triple Play (we just got it on Friday), and love it so far. But I have my stb (wired Cisco box) on the local CBS station for several hours during the day on weekdays, and for the last two days, I found that this channel, and only this channel, is blacked out at night. It's obvious that the box is simply not receiving a signal on this one channel. I can do a soft reset and correct the problem, but anyone have an idea what is causing this?

Thank you in advance!

tolle causam
Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
On occasion mine has done the same thing. Usually the local FOX affiliate for us (1004). I am not sure of this, but I have a bad habit of pausing a live program when something comes up that I must attend to. Might not come back for an hour or more. If I have a show set to record on that channel during the time the old program is paused the paused channel may freeze.

I've not had time to test it, but I imagine the buffer is limited for pausing live programming. If you have a show set to record on that live channel and the buffer becomes exhausted, then the channel may go black in an effort to clear the buffer and free up the channel for recording. {Clear as mud?}

Unfortunately, it's an intermittent problem, and I have not proven the relationship between the two. Still monitoring.


Boca Raton, FL
reply to The WheelMan
As the previous poster indicated the problem is often seen when pausing for a very long time a live program or playing a slightly delayed recording of a live program on a channel via the DVR. It does not have to be a local channel. Just one that you tend to use often.

The quickest test is to see if you can schedule a recording on that blank channel from the guide. This will allow you to schedule your soft reset or wait for it to just start working again. Yes often it will correct itself after a period of time without a soft reset.



Stockbridge, GA
I'm the OP. I was able to login to my account this time.

Oddly, I haven't recorded anything on that channel. I did record something on another channel a couple of nights before. The next night the same thing happened on ESPN after having watched it for a couple of hours earlier. Last night it didn't happen.


reply to The WheelMan
The channels going black is a well documented bug. The plethora of posts on ATT's forums describe it as a problem that mainly lies in the office where those feeds get sent to your region. Until the facilities in your area are upgraded (if ever), rebooting the receiver or setting the channel to record should help make it less annoying.