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reply to nothing00

Re: Wow, I can't see this being abused...

said by nothing00:

said by Smokey:

With a warrant, I can get access to your land line records and record your conversations.

With that same warrant, I can get the same results from your cellphone calls and emails.

That same warrant however can not get text messages that you sent*, unless the provider stores them * on an active surveillance warrant real time texts can be intercepted and stored but this does little to show past criminal activity on that phone

The purpose of this is to keep the playing field even across telecos. Just like the above story says, some keep records, some don't. This is not a secret to those who use these services for criminal activity.

I totally agree. If you want to keep the playing field among telcos then let's do it. We'll have the same sort of retention system we have now with voice. No records are kept unless there's a warrant.

Why place everyone under surveillance who's not under a warrant?

how do you know you are under investigation or have a warrant? other than a bench warrant that is served in person to you. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh snap you dont! comrade!