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reply to nunya

Re: Charter Installer Assaults and Rapes Customer

No where in this article does it state the man was an installer for Charter. In fact, it doesn't state what his job was at all.

I'm curious as to how you know this information. You state you we're an installer at one point. Did you know this man?

Also, no where in your post do I see blame assigned to the man for his actions. Apparently, this is Charter's fault. Let's blame the Kansas City Chiefs for Jovan Belcher's actions while we're at it.

what's up
The Lou
Uh....this is in the StL area and Charter is the only cable provider.


said by DaSneaky1D:

Uh....this is in the StL area and Charter is the only cable provider.

Um, I never said anything about Charter not being the only cable provider. I merely asked Nunya why his source did not report the suspect's occupation as being a third-party contractor for Charter. I then corrected myself by linking to a different article after doing some digging.

Thank goodness some of you see reason. No matter how you feel about Charter, this tragedy was the act of one man, and one man alone. Charter does full criminal background checks on all their employees and contractors. If you have factual evidence to the contrary, please present it. Otherwise, save your gripes for issues pertaining to Charter itself. Charter did not condone this act. Tom Rutledge was not present during the crime. Please, please, please do not let your hatred towards a company (whether justified or not) cloud your reason. Charter did not commit this terrible crime. Any of you cheapening it and using this horrible deed as an excuse to further your animosity towards a company are proving that your feelings blind you to common sense and reasoning.