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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to Snakeoil

Re: Nexus Users Are Dummies?

said by Snakeoil:

I agree dongles are just one more thing to carry/loose.
Which makes me wonder why no one has developed a USB drive that has either built in blue tooth/wifi connection.

Well again why go to that trouble??? VS just a simple really no cost SD slot.

And here is what it boils down to, to me with an ASUS Transformer which can do what no (an even Jail Broken still limited iDevice can't do). Download ANYTHING from anywhere not just iTunes stuff, and put it anywhere you want at anytime. iDevice you are forever stuck with that storage you originally bought and no more ever no matter what.

Oh yeah something else not an Apple a File Manager... just move some thing from here to there...

And yes most apps default to storing to stuff to the internal SD partition. But there is a lot of stuff I know I want to save bit not necessarily watch at home, just move it to the EXT SD.

Can store it to my 1TB WD USB powered Passport drive (it will power) for my Roku... and still have the space to store to watch on the Asus and delete as I do since stored on the WD.

Again its about versatility and possibility CrApple just by INTENTIONAL design wanting to control everything just will not offer or ALLOW.

Transformer with keyboard/dock also sec battery will absolutely run heavy duty all day (unless you never sleep)...plus 2 SD slots, and a true host USB A port.... again with second Batt can even power something like a WD Passport USB HDD for sometime. In fact using heavy duty like streaming video... rarely even tax the Tab batt by more than 20%, just KB, which by design is drained first.

NO dongles no need to do that crap just, a very diversely near true PC touch screen functional device. Most that see tab attahed assume some kind of netbook until I detach it and use it as just tab.

Again why pay several hundred dollars more for an intentionally ego/corp severely crippled device.

Just because it has a rotting half eaten Apple on it?

iPad max 64GB.... Asus 32 GB TF with extra Batt dock.... two SD slots (one tab one dock) 96 GB and that last 64 GB just cost of SD cards not ridiculously inflated cost for no device improvement.

Again on an iDvice an Impossibility.... but for much less cost I can enjoy being able out, to do just about everything I can at home, and for much lower cost.

And the Apple doids have never thought about it, since its always been that way (Phone and Touch), and just never looked elsewhere, to see there is a whole universe out there beyond ULTRA Restrictive We ARE Your World Apple.

And yeah sadly like the Nexus guy (and might be the corp though but loosing sales) said there are a whole lot out there that just can't fathom another set of directories (but do at home on their PC or Mac) the closed iDevices and sadly shouldn't be Nexus are designed for.

Alger, OH

There is mobile wireless storage devices out there. Which basicly act's like a wifi hotspot for upto 3 devices. Which will allow 3 devices to access the files on it. »www.amazon.com/Seagate-Satellite···04Z0S7K6

Don't know how the device works nice I don't own one. Just bought my nexus 7 three days so and loving it.

Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

Dang, 100 bucks, not bad.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to Lowtarget

Interesting it is only for iPads (and phones I suppose).

if it requires an App you'd think they would do an Android one too.

Then again with 96 GB on my TF I don't really need it, but might be nice for sharing stuff.

Or I could also just take along my 1TB WD pocket USB drive normally on my ROKU, since the Transformer has a full standard USB port, and plenty of battery to run it.