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Bless you Howie
reply to Bruschi

Re: Poor service, in spite of tipping well.

You, me, and the dude from Jersey can do that, but much of the country has no choice but to buy from chains. When I lived in TN, EVERYTHING was chains, disgusting. The politics in the city were such that big corporations controlled the town (3 mega Walmarts, 2 Krogers, 1 Food Lion, and that was it, no really good grocery chain). Much of the country knows no better than big corps, if they knew how good small business could be, their politics might change...
Join Teams Helix and Discovery. Rest in Peace, Leonard David Smith, my best friend, you are missed badly! Rest in peace, Pop, glad our last years were good. Please pray for Colin, he has ependymoma, a brain cancer, donate to a children's Hospital.