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Dallas, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to ball2hi

Re: Consistent afternoon packet-loss/above-avg ping

Based on the information provided you will probably want to contact nfoservers.com since it appears to be a peering issue.

That's just a best guess. But your latency jumps after it leaves TWC network.

Savvis for Chicago (Savvis has been known for issues) and Global Crossing for Dallas (yet another big provider with known issues)

Again, take that with a grain of salt. But it's not an issue within TWC network hence the lack of willingness to help fix. NFOServers is the customer that can make the difference since they are peering with those networks to provide their network bandwidth (granted I'm sure it's more like NFOServers is leasing out of another company who is doing the peering).

With issues like this, I would guess if they started working on the issue today (which they are probably already aware of) it would take them a few months, minimum to make any significant progress in relieving the congestion.


Anaheim, CA

What I want to have explained is, how do I have problems to all gameservers (Disregarding host) to Seattle/Chicago/Dallas/Atlanta but my friend who lives 5/10min from me who has TWC and 15DL/1UP doesn't have any of the problems I have.

I'm going to ask her to do a tracert/ping for me later today.


Hermitage, PA

don't to tracert its just for finding hops to a location.

use pathping

this will test packet loss and ping times to each hop.

Also remember this. Even if your friend is next door you guys could be on 2 separate nodes for your internet. I ran into this problem where I live. Im on 1 node and my neighbor is on another node. Its a smoke and mirrors game on the old. Im on TWC internet and I have problems and my friends don't line. There is so much that is different that people don't see or know about. Also remember there is changes going on in twc network daily. I moved across town and has docsis 3 at my old address and new address after install said the node doesn't support it yet and after 2 days of phone calls to special places I wake up and see the docsis streams have been enabled at 5:32 am randomly on a sat morning. So just have faith they have network infrastructure people that do see problems etc and are working on resolving conflicts it just depends on when "management" has funds to say ok lets do this.

but I hope pathping opens your eyes on your problems. Also please google to find how to read the output cause some switch's or routers on hops will read 100% packet loss to them due to no ping response but 100% packets will pass threw to the next hope. That's the 2 numbers it displays. packet loss to the hop and packet loss threw the hop