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reply to joako

Re: [Business] IPv6 Availability

said by joako:

Just keep on calling and they'll swap it.

Actually, at one point, Comcast did dispatch a tech to my office who was supposed to swap the SMCD3G with an SB612x, but when he arrived he did not have that information on his work order (he had been told only that he needed to test the SMCD3G and the connection), and he did not have any SB612x modems on his truck or back at the local office either. He did have a beatup looking SMC8014 on his truck, but I refused to even consider that swap since it would not be able to support IPv6 even in bridge mode (although at least its static mso password would have allowed me to put it into bridge mode myself). I was billed $99.95 for that boondoggle (I refused to pay it, but that is another story).

said by joako:

Another problem with the bridged SMC is you can not access the diagnostics.

Yes, I am aware of that problem, but at least the CSRs who needed to reset it for testing would usually put it back into bridge mode themselves (or call for tier two support to have them do it). It was the marketing driven lackeys who were obviously trying to force me to pay for a static IP block in order to get what they called bridge mode who forced me to abandon using the SMCD3G in bridge mode.
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