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reply to itguy05

Re: California Lumber Products Assessment

said by itguy05:

said by Oedipus:

said by Pacrat:

They couldn't survive without federal assistance.

Just like the rest of the US couldn't survive without all of our agricultural output.

Like what? Citrus we can get from Florida and Brazil like always. Grapes are grown all over the US, lettuce and such can be grown just about anywhere. Again we'd do fine. Instead of paying farmers to grow corn or nothing at all they could grow those crops we get from CA.

My point (veiled though it was) is that it's just as preposterous to say that California would wilt under the removal of "federal funding" as it is to say that the rest of the country could handle not having easy access to California's ag output. It's not really about what can be grown here that can't be elsewhere, it's about the volume that we can and do put out and the infrastructure that is in place to make that happen. Could the rest of the US survive without CA? Of course it could, given a bit of time to adjust. Could we in CA survive without this purported "federal assistance?" Absolutely. Maybe that would mean fewer unionized six-figure earning prison guards and shovel-leaning Caltrans workers.