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reply to knoot

Re: [AB] BB50 and shaw a waste of time if you want to use netfli

said by knoot:

...but in the several times i have called obviously i have had complete muppets...

MicroBots actaully...

said by knoot:

I have read about this and have heard people talking about this, but the only thing that makes sense is that shaw is throttling netflix...

They don't know what they are talking about, Netflix uses mainly DOWNLOAD, Shaw doesn't throttle download at all as per their terms of use. They only throttle P2P UPLOAD and this only affects areas where the equipment is saturated.

This doesn't mean that there are no other issues, so contact the technician linked above and he will do his best to get to the bottom of the issue or at least give you a competent explanation.


"Shaw uses traffic management policies to ensure proportional access to its network for all Shaw Internet customers. Some Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications used for non real-time file sharing can consume a disproportionate amount of upstream bandwidth causing disruption to other customers on Shaw's network. Shaw's traffic management policies were introduced to quickly address any upstream congestion caused by these P2P applications while standard network expansion activities are undertaken to increase the bandwidth availability for all users.

Shaw's traffic management policies come into effect only if upstream network congestion occurs on a network segment. If congestion occurs, the traffic management policies reduce the amount of upstream bandwidth available for P2P applications completing non real-time file transfer activity to 80 kbps per end-user.

Shaw's traffic management policies do not affect download speeds and will not affect real-time interactive activities such as on-line gaming, banking, e-mail or VoIP services. For the majority of Shaw customers the Internet experience is unaffected by our traffic management policies and both upstream and downstream bandwidth will be available to ensure the full operation of any application.

The traffic management policies implemented by Shaw use IP addresses to make real-time traffic management decisions in relation to Shaw's network. Since IP addresses have the potential to be linked to an individual's customer account, IP addresses could be considered personal information. The traffic management policies implemented by Shaw do not involve capturing, storing or archiving this information in any way."
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