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Re: Netopia 3347-02 - How do you change the time?

Thanks, public. I tried that, but unfamiliar with the syntax, so I couldn't get anything to happen.

aefstoggaflm: Win XP, SP3

Granted, this isn't anything critical and it doesn't affect anything, but it's just got me obsessing about it.

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said by ttfg:

aefstoggaflm: Win XP, SP3

Option one with built in software.

#1 Go to Start -> Run

#2 Type in telnet and press enter.

#3 Type in the letter O (does not matter the case - lower or upper) followed by the LAN IP Address of the router and then press enter

O <enter>

#4 Log-in as need be.

#5 Then run those commands.

Option two with built in software - is to hyper terminal, to create a telnet session.

#1 See »www.windowsitpro.com/article/tip···terface-

#2 After telnet session is created and you are connected to the router's LAN IP, log-in as need be.

#3 Then run those commands.

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Again, appreciate the help, but you're assuming I have a clue.

You say, "then run those commands." My first reaction is, "what commands?" So, I assume you mean the ones that "public" posted. But after "view" they aren't commands that I can understand for my specific need, and no matter how many times I keep trying different things, I can't get any command to make any changes.

So, I'm stuck after "view". I'm in the "ntp" section, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to type to make any changes. I've tried a lot of things, but the closest I get is an error message telling me that "option 'daylight-savings' not available unless NTP option is 'on' Error: Command ('daylight') not accessible" even though the NTP option appears to be ON, since it says right above that, "ntp
option on"

I remembering using telnet about 15 years ago, but I'm lost, sorry.

I'll understand if you give up, but I'm just drawing a blank on what I'm supposed to do here. If you'd like to give me the specific commands to run, I'd be happy to try again. I'm also not quite sure where you're trying to get me to anyway....am I trying to get to a place that lets me set the actual time, or one that just lets me turn off the DST option that is not being turned off properly when I turn it off via the router's browser page?

Thanks either way.