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Trenton, NJ
reply to cheesyyellow

Re: BF3 Official Thread

said by cheesyyellow:

I only played 5 rounds of scavenger last night so it's a little early for me to say best DLC yet.

I will say this however, the maps are very well done and the scavenger game mode is definately a breath of fresh air. First impression is that it's head and shoulders above the last two DLCs.

One other thing...NO BLUE TINT!!!

I am really enjoying this DLC... I think it is the best one so far
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Poulsbo, WA
One thing I did notice last might was while playing a round of TDM spawns weren't shifting. The way the system works for TDM there are 4 spawn zones each with four fixed spawn points. The zones rotate periodically during the game to make it feel random. Last night my entire team kept spawning on the same spawn point hte entire game. It was the first time I have ever seen a TDM game get spawn locked. I'm sure this is something that can be easilly fixed.

Overall the DLC is amazing. The crossbow has a nice balance to it, very situational and not over powered at all. Map design is great and just a lot of fun. Good job on this one DICE. Now fix the TDM spawns.