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Oakland, CA
reply to berserken

Re: [motherboard] P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 no video after reboot

To, knock on wood, wrap this up....

There was some resistance, ASUS-side, against sending me the proper BIOS chip free-of-charge. After waiting over a week with no news, I got back on the phone. ISTM that phone techs sent the request upstream but 'BIOS lady' refused it. After prodding, they cut the chip loose, latest BIOS onboard, I installed it, and, eventually, installed the mobo into my tower. Everything seems to be working, four SATA hdd, Vertex 2 boot drive, two burners, and a new Agility 3.

I imagine I'll clone the boot drive to the Agility with gparted in a little bit. Serindipitous benefit to the changeover is I discovered I had the phone line hooked to the wrong port on my Actiontec pci modem, so I got faxing back.