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River City Bounce
Brooklyn, NY

Weighing the pros & cons

1 phone support rep can only talk to 1 person at a time, while social media allows communication to various audiences.

"sorry guys there was a glitch in our mail system, it's fixed as of XX:XX." vs hundreds of people calling in to find out the same thing, frustrated by the hold times.

"We're considering unification of account information for all Charter provided services. Now 1 Charter user ID will work for all logins!!" VS calling to inquire about this new feature you heard about through the grapevine, but the phone rep honestly has no idea what you're talking about, because it was not communicated clearly throughout the company (happens ALL the time).

Are Charter support reps native English speakers? If no, the "personal and consistent" touch is getting off on the wrong foot. I feel alienated during the initial phases of foreign language-speaking phone support.
"Suddenly everything is fainting, falling from a broken ladder's rung. There's a jolt exhilarating from the phone I'm holding...
I hear the words of what I'll become, how eager the hands that reach for love."
- Blind Melon - New Life