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Bellingham, WA
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Re: The Reason...

Agreed: I live in a small market every single radio station except for the college station, a low power independent, and religious stations are owned by one company. Twenty years ago the main AM news station had two hours of local news in the morning, an hour of local news at noon, and locally originated programing on all day long. Now they are all 24/7 nationally syndicated talk radio with five minutes of national news on the hour, no local news or local content at all.

We only have one TV station in the area. It used to have an hour of two of local news in the morning. About a year ago that station was bought by some conglomerate. They came in fired the entire staff, now it is a robo-station playing old reruns 24/7. No local content or news.

We basically have no local news beyond a small newspaper owned by Hurst, I think. That has been cutting news staff for the last decade leaving us with very little local content.

I constantly hear people (conservatives especially) pissing and moaning about the "drive by media" and how they all take a single story and repeat it. That is because there is no media anymore. There is only two or three sources of news and the vast majority of media outlets have no real staff to research and write news, all they can do is read or reprint the news that comes from corporate headquarters.

You will hear these same people arguing that restricting media ownership will somehow restrict free speech and the free press.
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