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Conover, NC

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reply to megarock

Re: Clearly Charter...

Thank you for posting the escalations number. I know I will be needing it since telephone support is NOT helpful at all. The knowledgeable, friendly and all-around wonderful "Social Media" representatives in the CharterDirect forum have been amazing and made my 3 Cable Card activations painless. If it wasn't for them, I would have given up and simply switched to DirecTV and AT&T DSL. Tom Rutledge is a flippin' idiot who just "Doesn't get it."

The executives must really believe Abby and the gang sit around and surf Twitter, Facebook and other sites all day long. Nope, they sure aren't! They are helping the many of us who cannot get good, proficient support from anywhere else. If anything, DUMP telephone support and go strictly Social Media. Tom Rutledge, you are making a serious mistake!


Catawissa, MO
I'll be honest here...I have NEVER had a problem solved using phone support except reactivating a modem or paying my bill. The script readers are useless in any real technical issues and I end up wasting a half hour or more being asked the same questions over and over again. Ok, let's start by turning your computer and modem off for a minute...... Ok, turn your computer back on...turn your modem back on... wait for it to light up... is your internet working now? Are you sure it's not your computer? Are you sure it's not your internet browser? Do you have another computer you can test from? Ok, let me run a few tests.....I'm sorry, I don't see anything wrong....(got told this one time with the modem completely unsynced)... ok, looks like we are going to have to schedule a tech to come out...three tech visits later the problem is still going on....guess we will have to send out a senior tech...ok, two more techs, another senior tech... oh, hey...maybe it has something to do with the wire up the road that got chopped into three weeks ago....yeah, we will fix that sooner or later but if the problem is still there in a week call back. A week later I call back and have to start the whole thing over again.

And you think the social media folks aren't worth keeping around? There is a record of everything done, the same person deals with it from start to finish and I get things fixed in days, not months.

If Charter wants to save money FIRE THE CEO.