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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to miakica

Re: [Praise] Keurig

My bet is its due to deposits in the water.

My mom has had one since last Christmas (when I got it for her)

if she uses tap or filtered water it leaves deposits on the tank, but distilled water doesn't.

So as you can't really clean the deposits out of the pump I'd bet that use of tap water or some filtered water will over time cause an issue for the pump.

such deposits are why her espresso marker says to clean after every use (you can see the deposits on the metal inside the espresso marker when anything but distilled.)

At wal-mart distilled water is about 50cents a gallon.

and due to its lack of deposits it should be able to absorb more coffee flavor.

At work we have one that's tapped into the water line, I think with a very good filter on it, people use the crap outa it, you should see how much coffee they go through.