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The Mongoose

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to technocar2

Re: Copyright Law Changes: VPN & Other Experiences

said by technocar2:

said by The Mongoose:

To kick things off: I've done some initial research and two options jumped out as potentially useful: BoxPN and PrivateInternetAcess. Anyone ever use one of these?

I use private internet access, and I can tell you on torrents with enough seeds their VPN can easily max out my connection, I did posted screen shots on dslr a while back. They also don't keep logs and I paid with bit coins, so zero paper trails, remember even cash "can" leave a paper trail...lol. They give you a shared IP and the canadian servers are dmca free zones for now and they are P2P friendly VPN; not all VPNs are like that.

Private internet access has servers in north york and toronto and they use Amanah Tech and Yesup Host respectively.

Also you can have 3 simultaneous connections with them, others don't let you do that.

Prices is very low, it cost me about 2.95 bitcoins for 1 yr of service.

Thanks tc2, very helpful.