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Running cable through floor

I am wiring my house and installing the network equipment in a central location I am running new cat5e from the NID and lines for each room that has a phone jack and for data and also running coax to each room. My question is all the cables will be coming through the floor is it safe to drill that big of a diameter hole in the floor it will be 16 cat5e runs and 8 quad shield coax runs all coming through the same hole in the floor.


Denver, CO
A 3-4 inch hole should not be a problem. You could drill it next to a beam if your worried. Now through a beam, is a big no no.


The hole is between two beams its one level house goes straight into the cross base. Is there anything I could put in the hole to close up the extra space.like a conduit maybe?


Santa Rosa, CA
reply to wiringadvice
You can cut as large a hole as you want without issue as long as it is between joists. Joist spacing is normally 16" on center, so you could cut a 14.5" x 14.5" hole if you wanted. I wouldn't think you'd need larger than about a 2.5" hole for all of that and then use some Good Stuff spray foam to seal around the wire.