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Port Coquitlam, BC
reply to anhloc

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

said by anhloc:

$30 for both? Wonder who the L/R agent was who gave you that deal; I'd like to talk with them.

It's actually pretty easy. It's obviously for new subscribers only...or as long as the service has been canceled for at least 6 (Maybe 3?) Months.

Look on Redflagdeals - Theres a Telus phone rep on there. I was offered 15M internet + Telus TV and 2 PVR rentals, And a $100 service credit for $20 a month, or 25M + the rentals for $30 a month.

So 1 year of service is $360 - $100, $260. I'm essentially paying $21 a month... + whatever taxes / fees telus imposes on me. Locked in rate for 1 year, and was told after a year to call her back.

Is it cheap? Yes, But if I can only download 250 GB a month... the service is useless to me. I'm a downloader, I dont use the internet much besides downloading/Watching videos. I can hit 250 GB in a day and a half if I tried...

I do probably 300 GB a month on average, sometimes lower. Then some months, when I decide to tinker with video editing, like this month... I'm at 60 GB a day for the past week.

Not to mention I'm pretty respectful about it - I have my bandwidth set to d/l between 11 PM and 12 AM. So I'm not congesting anyone, I'm not costing Telus much/if anything at all...

I'd gladly pay $70-80 a month for 25M internet, if it was unlimited. Which is why as soon as I'm limited... I'm ditching my contract, and switching over to Teksavvy. I'll be paying tripple what I do right now, for the same service... with the caveat that I don't have to worry about going over my bandwidth. limit.

Say I go 20 GB over every month only... and get charged $20 extra. I'd still rather pay the extra $50 a month for an unlimited connection, Not just for peace of mind... but because Teksavvy decided to give the option for unlimited, because they're all about customer service / And they want an open, unrestricted internet. Well worth the extra money, IMO.