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united state
reply to JoelC707

Re: Gift ideas for guildies

said by JoelC707:

For bags, I'd suggest netherweave if you have a tailor. The frostweave and embersilk cloth just doesn't drop well enough but netherweave drops just by looking at the mob. Even if you don't have a tailor to make the bags, since it's so plentiful, they're usually pretty cheap in the AH and are 16 sloters. Sure they bind unlike more 12 slots but they can transition them to bank slots when they get bigger bags for their toon.

I have the tailor. I went with the 12 slot mageweave bag to begin with for the level 10 reward for two reasons. 1) I thought I could scale the bag size for future rewards (ie maybe a 16 slot for lvl 20 reward) and 2) because of the non-bind. Since they are still playing around with new toons, they can transfer the bags to themselves this way until they settle on a main.

Appreciate the feedback!

Lanett, AL
Good point, they may not like that toon anymore and decide to try another. This way they can at least transfer more items over. Just make sure they know they can do that and they don't just delete the toon without scavenging him/her first (I'd even vendor all equipped items for the little extra money if they are going to delete the toon).

I like the scaled rewards as well. Also look into the ebonweave and such bags (don't recall the specific bag names). I think at least one of these used to be an old soul shard bag that is now a generic bag. If you have that cloth or have the mats to easily make the required cloth it may be an option at higher levels. Then again it may be just as easy to make frostweave/embersilk bags.