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Terre Haute, IN
reply to MrBubbaHyde

Re: [DSL] Frontier Speed Issues at My Home

Shucks that sucks! It is always worth a shot to reach out to one of their techs in their forum. Frontier just brought DSL to the area my parent's live in and I was able to order service for them through DSLx.

Frontier first told me that is was available at my parent's address, then that it wasn't. I wasn't satisfied with that, because their house is within three miles of the CO. I e-mailed the regional manager and he had a network engineer look into it. There was an error in their database.. imagine that. haha

I was once weary about being persistent when it came to ordering services, but that situation definitely changed that.

I hope Frontier can get your speeds lined out!


Shavertown, PA
Me too. pulling my damn hair out...lol

Thanks for the help though, I am in direct communication with a local higher up,.(No Names)...he is extremely sympathetic, and has told me nothing short of its an infrastructure problem.

Had I known that when I signed up things may have been different. Now its just trying to get the most out of what I can.

Being my netflix sucks and at night is basically unwatchable, I am now in the process of doing the media server route, with plex, but the westell not being "N" is hurting that, as well as the limited range.


Terre Haute, IN
That's good that they're in contact with you!

You could always get your own N router and put that 7500 in bridge mode.

Link to verizon instructions on changing to bridge mode

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