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simple thing dump them..... now was that so hard ?


Springfield, MO
umm for what? again no real choice


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to momoo
Canada is in some respects worse that the US because it has a WAY lower population density than we do, so rural means rural. Once you are outside of the metros, Canada is sparsely populated.

Now telus and bell are the traditional telcos (generally west/east), they are also big wireless companies too. Competition (if it exists) for Telus is generally Shaw cable and sometimes Rogers. In metro areas (bro lives in Vancouver) they have the latest and greatest D3 shaw CM. Since media is clamped down bigtime in Canada, big GB months are difficult to do (like no Pandora, etc. Netflix has a vastly inferior library)...

You can see the notes on them raising rates/lowering caps all the time.

On the upside, they do have third party regulations (like CLECs used to be) for now, and they have better packages but the lines are still SERVICED by the incumbents and obviously that has some tension in the field.

When the inlaws converted from Rogers to Teksavvy (the exact same line mind you), they cut the old line, added a new one by splitting a neighbors one, and then left the cable on the ground (w/ a red tag meaning the evil third party line :_).

Well I gave TS an earful (not their fault), and they came back and fixed it. It seems ethics is not high on the list. I know a lot of Verizon installers and OMG the stories they tell, which I won't repeat.....

Vancouver, BC
reply to momoo
If TELUS does something like this, Shaw follows suite -- and vica versa.
The more I C, the less I see.

Here in Sask, our company sasktel never does this. it will be always unlimited usage on internet. move out here if you don't like it.

Space...The Final Frontier
Urbandale, IA
Yes. Move. The ultimate solution. Instead of companies doing the right thing and not being greedy jerks, customers should have to move to another freaking region in order to have access to services that aren't gimped or crippled or capped or throttled.
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