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Exede Nick

Davenport, IA

Speed concerns

If you are seeing slower speeds than what you are used to, please email me at wildbluelistens@viasat.com. I can get you in touch with our technical specialists and ensure that you are getting the speed that you should be!


Natchitoches, LA

You should check the alignment of your dish.

A year or so ago, I was experiencing slow data rates and intermittent loss of connections. I found the dish pointing alignment was a little bit off the mark. After realigning the dish, things were back to normal.

Also check for wild creatures on the feedhorn.

During the late fall three years ago I suffered a nightly signal outage for most of the nighttime hours. This went on for about a week until the weather warmed up a bit, then the problem stopped.

The next cold night, the problem came back. This time I went outside with a flashlight and looked at the antenna. Much to my surprise I found a large green lizard laying across the feedhorn of the TRIA. Apparently he was using the RF energy to warm himself! A mini-microwave heater. Not enough to make a crispy critter, but enough to keep himself from freezing. After relocating Mr. Lizard, the problem was eliminated.