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This is a sub-selection from Offer to help

Pete Abel
Saint Louis, MO
reply to micah_675

Re: Offer to help

I have forwarded to my colleagues and asked them to investigate.


Clovis, NM
Thank you pete. As of now I have heard from several different managers, however the problems is still ongoing, while I understand the distances involved and the number of issues that have been encountered. I find it sad that I am having to assist in the troubleshooting of the issues to my node. I do not mind as I am an Avionics Field Engineer, but this isn't how I would like to spend my evenings. To date the packetloss issues have come on stronger than they were since I moved in. I am and have been extremely dissatisfied with your companies service as this home isn't the only one in town I have experienced severe problems at. I have attached 3 days in a row worth of pack loss tests. The amount of packets lost makes everything online a chore. There are times I have to refresh webpages multiple times to get them to load. As well my download speeds have suffered from major companies which I have gotten much more from in the past on this same line. From Electronic Arts Origin servers when updating I have gotten 4 MB/sec constant and in the past few weeks I do not ever see anything over 2 MB/sec. This is well under the speed of the 30 meg/bit PAID for speed. In case anyone else is reading this a 30 meg connection should net you at least 3.75 MB/sec download speeds.

« more of the same
This is a sub-selection from Offer to help