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Euclid, OH

Can someone explain bonded channels to me

How exactly does the bonded channels get chosen? For example, what made my modem choose Downstream channels such as 89-92 and what made my modem choose upstream channel 4?

Woodside, NY
They are chosen mainly for noise issues and efficiency and frequency levels.
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The modem scans for a digital channel with the correct DOCSIS packets in it. It then locks on that channel (first downstream channel) and starts decoding the data stream. Within that data stream is a Upstream Channel Description, which tells the modem which upstream channel to talk back to the cable headend equipment on.

Once the upstream and downstream are connected it gets further configuration information which includes any additional downstream and upstream channels, IP address, modem speed limits, allowed number of IPs, etc.

Once the connection is finished the cable headend equipment will perform periodic connection updates which can include instructions to change channels if the channels the modem is on are too busy or noisy.

Beyond the initial downstream channel search, the modem never chooses what channels to connect to, it's always told by the cable headend equipment what channels to connect to.
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Euclid, OH
thanks guys

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Mainly for load balancing of the system. X modems on X downstream. X modems on X upstream. Too many on one, the modem gets a DCC, dynamic channel change request from the head end to move to another channel and continue in balancing the system.


New York, NY
reply to chalieboy
Time Warner in Manhattan broke a couple times on Sat and when began again my Turbo ARRIS from them turned orange from green on upstream. No biggie it seems as long as down stays green for being bonded channel.
Odd thing is I went to ARRIS diagnostic site and it shows modem as DOCSIS 2.0 downstream tho is DOCSIS 3.0 on Turbo. Go fig.
Speed tests show 20/2 range so I'm not bothering to call them.
Any and every interaction with them results in a loss but no choice in matter other than disconnect.
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