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Gouverneur, NY

MTU setting help

Just curious I went to " Command " menu and ping www.google.com -f -l 1500 and it said need fragmented. The highest I could ping with was 1272 which if you add 28 you get 1300 right? Well I was wondering why my mtu setting wouldnt be 1500 if im running time warner cable internet. Also xbox live calls for a mtu size of 1364 or higher but I dont want to set my modem to push more of a mtu size then it should and have a degrade in my internet. Hopefully this makes sense and someone could help me out. Thanks


Mine is the exact same in NEO for what it's worth.

Raleigh, NC

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reply to bshampine
1372 here. And it's a WINDOWS limitation. Fragmentation is required at 1373 even to my default gateway, i.e. on the same f'ing ethernet cable.

[UPDATE: MTU was set to 1400 for some reason.]


Hermitage, PA
reply to bshampine
Also remember this. The main factor in xbox or Console gaming is its mostly Peer to Peer. This is where USA fails cause we suck as far as network in the states. Most people think its their provider or own internet causing the problems when its not. 95% of the time is a network issue where its bottlenecking or the other players just have cheap internet. I look at my home town for instance. I pay for the best internet. 100$ a month and speeds are 50/5 and I can download 20mb file in less then 10 seconds from mostly any server. But all the guys I know on xbox in my area pay for the cheapest internet sevice I belive its 768/128. Yes if it was just xbox it would work perfect but they have pc etc on the net also. So you can have the best of the best equip and lines and still have problems cause everyone else has the lowest tier speeds and can only send so fast. Also another factor is most games have the 4 bar rule for lag. This is actually not true. most players think I have 2 bar im laggin when they actually are not. Its just their ping times have gone up. Yes I know if you ping 100ms your being someone with 25ms but the times for xbox bars are all within limitations of viable play. So 1 bar xbox is not 1 bar pc. I have noticed 1 bar on pc is like 300ms where on xbox its more 150 ms. That's why I wish they would have just made it display the times rather then bars cause its so much simpler.

but overall I changed mtu and tested for weeks and noticed no change. Its just the main factor of the usa networks sucks cause their old, slow, bottled down. Untill something changes where your playing with eastcoast / westcoast options etc it will always have lag / problems. I wish they would make options to limit searches by distance or the old school West coast, Central, East coast.

hope you accept our reality...