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Victoria, BC
reply to Foggy

Re: [BC] TELUS High Speed Turbo 25 Usage being reduced 50%

I understand the argument in this thread.

The only real differences between the distribution of the bandwidth from tv and internet services is the connection to the internet itself? They both use the same ports, co's, lines, etc? So the only real difference is that Telus probably pays bulk bandwidth for internet. Maybe a penny or two per gig? For math I'll average that at 1.5 cents which is 1.50 for 100 gigs? 7.50 for for 500... Even it it's 2 cents/gig that'd be $10 bux for 500 gigs.

IE the internet rates are pretty high compared to basic tv rates, and they pretty much use the same disitrubtion systems. The bulk bandwidth is an added charge, but really isn't that much. Telus maybe saves 5 bux a month cutting the cap in two? If they do enforce it, I would think like most other isp's it's to protect their TV services by limited bandwidth that can be used for internet video?


Vancouver, BC
Can you blame them?
I bet Shaw,Bell, and Roger feel the same way to protect their TV services.
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