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Alcoa, TN

Horrible connection

I'm having severe connection issues. When the connectivity works, everything is super fast. But over the past week of having uverse, things have gone from "always fast" to "usually an issue". It takes forever to make a connection. As of today, I'm lucky to get my FTP client to even connect to a site (but forget about uploading or downloading anything). YouTube, Hulu, etc actually burn through their entire buffer and show me buffering screens (and then do it all over again). Ping times look pretty good (usually around 50ms or less), but a tracert looks horrible. And look at the peaks and valleys on my speed tests. I also ran the Netalyzr and there were a few items of note: (1) "We recorded a packet loss of 2.5%" (my 2wire 3801 doesn't reflect this), (2) "TCP connection setup latency (?): 400ms", (3) "Network background health measurement (?): 2 transient outages, longest: 0.6 seconds"

I've tried power cycling to no effect. The computer I'm testing from is connected directly via ethernet to the 2wire. The 2wire is connected via coaxial. I previously had Charter and around a year ago they re-did the coaxial from the modem all the way to the outside box, and I had had no problems with Charter since that (with speeds up to around 28Mpbs). Because of this, I seriously doubt inside wiring issues. There is only a single, unsplit coaxial cable straight from the 2wire to the outside of the house.

Netalyzr result: »netalyzr.icsi.berkeley.e ··· d27-99e5 results:
(Demonstrates the peaks and valleys. Same sort of performance can be seen while watching youtube, the connection would get up to around 13000+kbps, drop to 250kbps, up again, drop to 0 for a while, up to 900kbps, drop to 0, and so on. Same phenomenon is seen across all connected devices.)


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said by wedgetalon:

But over the past week of having uverse, things have gone from "always fast" to "usually an issue".

FWIW, you might have a better chance of getting help if you have your thread moved to the »AT&T U-verse forum where it would be seen by people who have more experience with the U-verse service and the equipment that is supplied for that service. Using the "hey mods" link at the bottom of the screen from your original post can be used to accomplish that.
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