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RyanT in Edm

reply to kevinds

Re: [AB] Any tips for improving WiFi performance with Shaw?

said by kevinds:

Switch as much as you can to the 5GHz band,

But the higher-frequency, it won't go thought objects as well (walls for example), which also reduces interference from neighbors.

Hard-wire in as many devices as you can, which will help reduce interference from the other devices in your home as well.

There might be something in your walls blocking the signal as well?

The only thing that could be hardwired that currently isn't is the desktop, and I was just waiting on getting the rest of our stuff unpacked so I know exactly where/how we're gonna setup our TV stand before running the ethernet along the edge of the baseboards. Our laptops we'll commonly use in the bedroom and on the couch/chair so it's not really plausible to hardwire them. My PS3, once it's setup, will also be hardwired.

Calgary, AB
Powerline ethernet might be something to look into?