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St Albert, AB
reply to knoot

Re: [AB] BB50 and shaw a waste of time if you want to use netfli

I've had it set to the highest quality in netflix ever since i got it. It's wired, and even directly from the modem or from the router it's still low quality on my computer and the 360, and low quality on my phone on wireless.

I thought it might be my router, but i mean if it's still low quality directly from the modem to me that kinda rules out the router and my speeds are super good for everything else going though my router. It's not that old, a lightly used dlink dir-628. I would not have needed the router but the wireless range on the cisco gateway is pretty poor. It could not reach our bedroom, and i don't want to move where the modem is because our computers are right there so it's easy to hard wire them. As well as the 360, it's only about 20 feet from the modem as well.

But shaw_alex is going to have someone look at it, I just gave him my phone number. So ya we will see how that goes. Looking forward to talking to this tech. Hopefully something can get resolved, because like i said, i'm loving the super fast speeds for everything else.


said by knoot:

..a lightly used dlink dir-628.

Have a look at how the 628 compares to some of the newer routers specifically in the 2.4 band you are using:

» ··· 4-ghz-dn

Might be worth considering an upgrade to get things running optimally.

Calgary, AB
reply to knoot
Have you had your modem bridged? And actually made sure it was bridged?