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Trenton, NJ

Kudos to the UMatter2Charter Team

First I would like to applaud the UMatter2Charter team for helping so many Customers over the years. I have had the opportunity to speak with some of the early team members and I found them to be very Customer centric. In my view the challenge is most companies enter social Customer Service in a quest to receive PR or other recognition. The team never felt that way and they proved it during every interaction. The challenge to social Customer Service is for companies to truly be effective they must fix what is broken at the core. I have seen statements saying that Charter has improved but the fact is they are still ranked last in most studies of Customer Service. Of course we will always have a love/hate relationship with the cable company, but we should never have to dread speaking with them. I am glad the team will still be within the organization and I hope they will be able to guide the leaders of Charter to create the right experience for their Customers.

Thank you and best wishes!

Frank Eliason