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Been There Done That
reply to Ian

Re: Mcafee Antivirus? Good or Not Good

said by Ian:

said by slajoh01:

Avoid MSE all together...

I've been using it ever since a new Avast! update caused me a ton of problems. No problems thus far. Then again, as I mentioned, I don't browse in a very insecure manner in the first place, and take other precautions.

I did the same thing. Had problems with Avast and went to MSE.
It all comes back to what I have been saying for years.

The most important part of computer security is you the user.

There is not a program out there that can protect you from careless surfing and bad habits.

Newtown, PA
reply to ZZZZZZZ
said by ZZZZZZZ:

Mcafee is a bloated pig running something like a dozen services...avoid it at all costs.

Avast free is still the best option with their protection.

McAfee Enterprise is on my work laptop. I can always tell when the weekly scan is running, as my machine slows down so much that I can barely get any work done. Just to be sure, I check in Task Manager, and sure enough- there it is. As soon as my machine gets back to normal speed, I check again, and the McAfee scan process is gone.

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reply to computerman2
Sometimes when making recommendations for AVs and anti-malware software, I find it's necessary to take into account the level of computer knowledge and interest of the person with the computer. For some, the easiest set-and-forget software is the best, even if it might not be the superior product. It comes down to how interested the person is in updating, responding to multiple alerts, etc. If they aren't going to pay attention to them, they aren't going to benefit from the increased protection
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Actually if ur OS is ALL patched up and running behind a NAT router plus enabling the Windows FW, you should be fine running a decent AV program. But make sure it has Heuristic and Resident real-time scanning features. Thats all u need. Nothing else. No bells and whistles...and all that bloated junk.

Also, people are overlooking this too many times that OS and software patches are even more important than running an AV program.

A Ninja Ant
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reply to La Luna
said by La Luna:

Some ideas here (from 2011):

»2011 Anti Virus Poll

We need a 2012! Things change over a year!

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Thanks Everyone for the replies, so far friend says no issues with Avast Free, of course did ask what one alert meant, when it popped up web shield alert, explained it, and she was like oh ok

Just hope when it comes time to update the program to Avast 8, won't be any issues then , but I guess i'll see on that part

As for my own machine running great with Avast Free currently...Possibly may do a clean install of Windows 8 for my own machine when Avast 8 comes out, (Previously when I installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit, did over top install of WIndows 7 64bit)

Ontario, CAN
reply to antdude
said by antdude:

said by La Luna:

Some ideas here (from 2011):

»2011 Anti Virus Poll

We need a 2012! Things change over a year!

That would be nice, just not enough time now to create it or to have everyone vote in time.
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