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reply to ray2047

Re: POP 3 Email Checking

said by ray2047:

Note I think my AT&T DSL (Dry Loop) is through Yahoo if that matters.

The DSL connection has nothing to do with Yahoo!

Legacy ADSL (branded as, "SBC Yahoo! DSL Service/at&t Yahoo! HSI") goes through an AT&T DSLAM, over an AT&T ATM circuit to an AT&T aggregation router.

ADSL2+/VDSL (branded as, "U-verse HSI") goes through an AT&T DSLAM over an AT&T PTM circuit to an AT&T aggregation.

In both cases, your packets are riding AT&T transit from the modem to the AT&T peering routers.

In 2002, about 2 1/2 years before SBC bought AT&T, SBC outsourced email to Yahoo! So only the email is "through Yahoo!". This partnership is the source of the "Yahoo!" branding of SBC/AT&T DSL service; but Yahoo! only handles the email, they do not touch the DSL.

The Yahoo! POP3 servers have a long history of flakiness for AT&T customers.

My question though is do I ever even need to check my AT&T Email account if I do not use it?

AT&T sends customer notices of subjects, such as policy changes, to those accounts. If you can accept the risk of missing adverse changes, such as port blocking, cap-and-overage, and being forced to accept binding arbitration instead of suing, you will be fine. All of those changes were announced in mail to the users.

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Thanks, that is what I needed to know.