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Brooklyn, NY
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Re: hmm

said by RARPSL:

said by majortom1029:

It should be noted that their network got hammered pretty bad by sandy. Techs told me they have a lot of cable that has to get replaced and that in a lot of places its a temporary patch.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is because of all the damage.

In that case spread the cost across the All 3 Services. If the cost is due to the cable damage, then Video-Only customers are getting a free ride while only those with OOL are getting hit with the Increase. If it is repair cost then add a $5 fee to the bill not to just one service.

Note that I can see the $5 increase as valid due to the fact that the fee has been level for the past 10 years while the service has increased in those 10 years. We now have DOCSIS 3 and 50Mbs for the same fee that we paid for 10Mbs speeds 10 years ago.

Depends on your definition.. adjusted for inflation... maybe, actual numbers.. no. Also, the QOS with 10, then 15 megabit service for thousands of customers during some years DROVE development of FIOS uptake rates in NY metro. You also overlook that they were recently caught underserving 15 megabit tiers in a QOS review by private and public sector agencies. My experience w/ the 50 mbit tier's been strong. Only a few days where I felt it wasn't what it should be... but nothing to call C/S and whine about and have them do nothing useful about, except to waste my time.

The 10, then 15mbit tier's been at intro rates of $29.95 for over a decade. Regular price $49.95. Boost has always been ~$15 more. Now that CV is under better scrutiny on their entry level tier, they usually do the righ thing and avoid underserving the DOWNLOAD speeds.. upload still needs some work. I routinely see customers w/ 14-18mbit down and 1.75 upload-- what happened to 2?

Nevertheless, my recommendation still stands.. if you're NOT in a contract/price lock... it's in your best interest to see if Verizon would budge on price any... as the price difference is shrinking in this situation-- that is IF you can get FIOS. My recommendation would be to hike it $5 for all, and boost speeds for all too- then it wouldn't be so bad, IMO (starting w/ those out of price-lock/contract)