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Re: [hard drive] I have a new 160GB HDD coming.

said by n_w95482:

Both ATA-6 and 7 incorporate 48-bit LBA. UDMA100 and 133 refer to the interface transfer rate.

said by n_w95482:

I wish I had a similar laptop and a spare large drive to test with. The closest thing I have is my work laptop, a Latitude D410 with a 320 GB IDE drive and Windows 7. It works perfectly.

These 2 items suggest the OP would be fine then?
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Ukiah, CA
It's hard to say. The D410 jumped ahead a bit with the southbridge (ICH6-M vs ICH4-M), so that all but disqualifies it. FWIW, its BIOS is 48-bit-capable.

One thing I will add from my testing with the IDE card is partitioning the remainder of the drive (400 GB Hitachi) with GParted. With XP using the driver that it came with, it refused to boot when a second partition was created in GParted beyond the 128 GiB one I created with the XP setup. Primary, extended/logical, unformatted, formatted. It didn't matter. XP also didn't see anything after the 128 GiB (in other words, no unallocated space) with the stock driver.

In every case, deleting the second partition restored XP to a functioning state. Based on the fact that formatting in NTFS consumes a small amount of space (~64 MB on that drive I think), and that said used space was beyond the original 128 GiB, I would say the LBA wraparound issue mentioned elsewhere may not be a problem.

After loading the latest driver on Promise's site (48-bit capable), XP happily saw and partitioned all of the unallocated space. The same thing happened when I fed the XP setup the newer drivers via floppy, although it wasn't able to install (it kept complaining it couldn't find the drivers THAT IT JUST LOADED...). I've had that problem every time I've tried loading drivers via floppy/F6 prompt while doing a fresh XP SP3 install. Slipstreaming the necessary driver always works for me though. I didn't feel like going through the effort of doing that though .