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Richmond, VA
reply to floydb1982

Re: [WIN8] How do I get rid of Win8 Pro installer

said by floydb1982:

I'm getting a lot of program errors and some crashes when I try to launch programs. It may have something to do with only having 100 Kilobytes of free space.

You think maybe? This post is incredibly hard to follow. You installed Windows 8, deleted the installer after doing so, and why is it you think it would still be there to delete again after having already done so before? Correct me if I am wrong.

You are in a seriously bad situation. If you did an upgrade there might be a windows.old folder present that could contain anywhere from 20-100GB of files you might no longer need if you have no plans to go back to WIN7. That would be a great place to start. To get some working space and to give your computer some room to work, simply reduce the size of you paging file to 1GB or so until you have cleaned up. If you have filled a 2TB drive, then you must have a huge amount of data that could be off-loaded to an external or second hard drive. Music files, video files, etc. are easy to move and can take up a lot of space.

I consider any system drive filled up beyond 75% to be over-filled. As hard drives fill up they get slower and slower. You are something like 99.999% filled up. You need to do some serious cleaning. You are probably worrying about the drip coming from your roof when there is a river overfilling its banks right outside your door.


Kent, WA

I deleted the windows.old and Win8 Pro installer after upgrading to Win8 Pro on Oct 26. It was talking so long to get my Win8 Pro backup disc that I went a head and ran the Win8 Pro installer and selected the option to have a backup Win8 Pro disc created. But now that my backup disc came in the mail I no longer need to do that. I can't seem to find a way to get rid of the Win8 Pro installer off my hard drive.

Richmond, VA

But you already removed it right? How much space do you think you would gain? You need to free up hundreds of gigabytes.

If there is still something there, have you looked through Programs and Features in control panel?

Burnt Out Cynic
reply to floydb1982

I suggest you delete some of your 'collection', or move data off that very full hdd. You can run disk cleanup, but it won't be a considerable amount as logs and temp files will be created again.

It's hard to fill a 2TB drive with non-copyrighted material, and if these files are actually important and not just downloaded copyrighted material you will want to make sure you have a backup of them anyway in the event of an drive failure. Parents claiming they lost years of digital photos, and home movies never having burnt one dvd...
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