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[Excel] Is it possible to have personalized data output sent?

I don't know if it's possible, but thought I'd ask...
If you had a group of 20 people and wanted to put data into an Excel spreadsheet so that each person got a personalized output report, can it be done (easily) in Excel.
For example, let's assume you wanted to allocate something, so that Person A gets 15% of the allocation and Person B gets 85%...can you put the total into the spreadsheet and have Excel fire off the individual allocations to the specific people (without each user seeing the other user's allocations)?

Premium,ExMod 1 BC

Re: [Excel] Is it possible to have personalized data output sent

Much of how difficult this might be depends on your definition of "fire off".
How do you plan to get the results to the people?

Without seeing all of what you're talking about in some way, or at least getting a good description of what we're working with here, it's really hard to say, but...

First, Excel is pretty darned good at doing math, so figuring out the who gets what percentage part is (probably) fairly easy.

Excel can also take data and create new worksheets or even new workbooks to put that data into.

Excel can also take control of Outlook to send emails (with or without attachments) to people.

Some of this, the math side, can probably be done with standard Excel worksheet functions, i.e. given a total amount and someone getting 15% (held in cell A2 for example with grand total to be split held in A1) then
=A1 * A2
Gets you their split.

Doing the stuff such as creating worksheets, workbooks and emailing takes VBA code (Macros).
...then THINK! again.