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reply to lugnut

Re: Software on rented PCs can spy on you

said by lugnut :

BTW comedians, it takes considerably less effort to plant a web bug in an advertisement that exploits an unpatched, undocumented, windows vulnerability than it does to tap a home phone line for the sake of stealing personal info.

So Bite Me!

So, keep your AV and anti-malware up to date, apply patches as they are released, and set your firewall to the most restrictive settings that still allow normal use? Online computing 101.

As for the webcam 'concern' you've got - it's entirely possible to order a laptop without a built in one, and add an external USB one when you want to use it; and then remove it again after...

I do find it a little strange, that of all the angles and positions to take on this story, the lack of a physical off switch or cover over the built in webcam making if the hardware manufacturer's fault - NEVER would have occured to me...