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Let me see those devil horns in the sky

Kill Devil Hills, NC

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Re: Garage addition

Originally we planned to wait 3-5 years to finish the area but once the inspector made us firewall the ceiling in the garage it accelerated the plan since it's almost done anyways. I'll take a picture of the insulation this week-end but there is about $1,000 in fiberglass upstairs waiting for me to install it. If you figure the average is like $12 a roll there is like 80 rolls up there. I'll have the entire garage insulated by March 2013 so all that will be left is drywall. We're going to have heating installed next month.

Right now I'm just in the buying stage with the stairs. I'll be buying the risers, treads, insulation, etc. to do them in Dec./Jan. but I won't actually install them until the drywall is in so the risers/treads can be cut to the correct length to be flush with the drywall.

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