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Re: Can an ISP Employee Spy on Me at Will?

The question you really should ask yourself is: "Am I putting something out into a carrier-provided communications channel (phone, internet, mail, etc) that I absolutely don't want revealed to anybody other than whom it's intended for?" If so, it's your own responsibility to protect it from prying eyes (meaning encryption of some kind), or else use a better form of communication (if one exists). With communications mediums where other people have access to any points in the chain of transmission of information, leakage will at times occur, and it's unpredictable where or how for any given message.

Some of what most folks would "like" to remain private is just a "want", not a necessity. No lasting harm is likely to follow from the interception of your shirt size, a photo of the scenery in Puerto Vallarta, and so on... so common sense has to apply in that regard. But if true harm could result from the unwanted revelation of something you need to communicate, be smart and either encrypt it or else find some direct way of passing the message.
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