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Villa Rica, GA

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reply to CharterJosh

Re: Social Media Shutdown

The irony of the fact that all of the Umatter2Charter accounts going away shows just what matters.

CharterJosh don't get me wrong, the support you and your co-workers have provided in this venue in others has been an order of magnitude over that provided on the phones in most cases (through no fault of the phone support people as they are only as good as their training). Lets face it, my past 6 months with Charter has been a problem filled mess and the only connection with REAL information about why my connection was dropping was from the support personnel here. Call the support # and the only thing they say is they are performing maintenance on your node. Plus I can drop a message here in 2 minutes or less including relevant account info, troubleshooting steps taken, and links to historical issues. On the phone this takes 10 times as long.

Charter has made it quite clear that only one thing matters to it and that is the bottom line. That they were trying to cut every cost became quite clear with the cuts in the # of different broadband account types, and then the removal of support for customer owned modems. (Would love to see the ROI analysis on customer owned, unsupported vs Charter owned and fully supported that convinced them this was wise).

Be that as it may, in 99% of all markets where Charter is the CEO has us customers by the short hairs due to the lack of another cable provider in the same area. But, you might want to tell the CEO and other management to quit giving the finger to the customers. I can almost guarantee that your customer churn rate is rising at this point, and any further changes that are not a clear positive for the customer will only make it worse.
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