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[Voip.ms] Transfer/Conference between voip.ms extensions?

If I have internal extensions set up with Voip.ms and then sub accounts for them with IP phones attached.

I can call by using the internal extensions, and that works fine. I did conference, which also worked, was able to do a conference call with my cell phone and another person.

I noticed though that:

1) If I drop off the conference, the other parties all drop as well, I assume that's normal?

2) I can't transfer calls. If I call my one account from my cell then press transfer on my IP phone and dial an internal extension it just says transfer failed.

Just wanted to confirm that's all normal?


Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a conference feature in V.MS
You used your cell phone feature which is why you would loose the conference: you are in fact connecting two separate calls from your phone.
The V.MS WiKi doesn't mention call transfer either. The features you require are generally provided by some type of PBX service.


The conference is being done by voip.ms. Like I call one IP phone from my cell, then from my IP phone press conference, dial the extension of another IP phone it answers and I press join and all 3 calls are joined. So conference does work, but I can't drop off of it from my IP phone and leave them connected.

But yeah transferring doesn't work at all, so they are sort of half extensions, since you can use them to call each other but if someone calls wanting to talk to another person there's no way to transfer the call to them.


Bellevue, WA
reply to mdshs
Please see Martin's comments in this thread:

»Re: [Other] Voip.ms -Transfer between sub-acct on different netw

"However, transfer are still enabled only on a per-request basis (Open a ticket). Once transfers have been enabled, it's permanent on your account and eventually, we'll re-open for everyone without this requirement."