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Lanett, AL
reply to mettachain

Re: Gift ideas for guildies

On one hand I agree with you and would have to think long and hard about whether I would do "gifts" on a progression guild. But this guild is supposedly a "family" guild with just him/her and the kids/relatives that play whenever they can. Giving gifts to relatives (especially our own flesh and blood) can be beneficial if not even expected. On the other hand it can teach them to be self-supporting and not always looking for handouts.

Additionally, there are apparently friends of the relatives in the guild but I suspect the invite list would stop there (no friends of friends of friends). Keeping them interested in the game is good and helping them over hurdles is good. It sucks not having a mount but truth be told, if you don't blow your gold on the AH, you should have enough for mount money at 20/40/60/70/etc. Though I have noticed that the "trend" at lower levels from quest givers seems to be the "i'm poor and giving you all I can" thought.

The way you combat the low gold issue would be teaching them about selling the items they don't need. Have them pick gathering professions while leveling. Crafting professions are nice but you'll almost always replace the item in short order anyway (and if you have a friendly guildie that can make it with your mats why not do that instead). This makes it so that they gather their own mats for things they want made or can turn around and sell those mats on the AH for gold. Mtch the gathering profession to the type of armor worn (mining on a plate wearer, mining or skinning on leather/mail, whatever you want on clothies).

For a progression type guild I can see giving sets of gear at major milestones (58/68/80/85/90). Stepping into a new expansion zone with old gear is rough. That's one reason my hunter is still 85. She dinged 85 just before MoP hit and has NO gear at all and it sucks trying to level her even with the 372 pieces. For max level, especially if that toon is going to be with you on guild runs you have to look at the benefit of the guild. Does it benefit the guild more to give this person a starter set of gear to get them into heroics or even LFR or do you let them get the gear entirely on their own? I'd say if you need them to fill a role right away, you might as well help them all you can as it will benefit the guild.