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said by AnonFTW :

Why does everyone assume this means they will produce a TV set? It's far more likely they'll leverage the AppleTV (or a like device) and score content deals.

The few they currently have has changed the way I watch TV. I pay about $30 for a season of a Discovery Channel show in 1080p HD. When a new show is ready, I receive an email and when I want to watch it, I turn on my AppleTV, am presented with my new show, click play, and it streams from the Internet. All in a tiny device that uses like 5W of power.

What their current model lacks is any real integration with their other products and no real vision for a family with multiple TVs. That's where they will innovate.

I doubt very seriously they're going to produce sets.

Producing the little AppleTV box that is many times the price of a Roku box is not going to win them long term success. As of right now, they have no streaming services to compete with Netflix and their purchase on-demand offering is being eaten by Amazon. They will have to add value to the hardware they produce, whether that hardware be AppleTV or a TV set, if they want to compete long term.

It is highly likely however that Apple will try to produce a TV set. They have made it clear they want to control all aspects within reason of the products they offer and make it as proprietary as humanly possible. The chances they will produce just an AppleTV box is very unlikely.


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Apple TV is $99.

I Void Warranties

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said by i2Fuzzy:

Apple TV is $99.

..and a decent BluRay player with the same capabilities is around the same price.

..and the Roku is $20-30 cheaper.

So far, Apple is still Apple, overpriced and underspec'd.
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