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Self Install via Wifi with iPad only?


My girlfriend and I have ordered self-install DSL service with the wifi gateway for her parents (who live some distance from us). My girlfriend's sister, who lives near to her parents will do the self install for us, though does not have a laptop.

We're giving her parents an iPad as a gift for christmas, so I'm wondering if the the self installation can be completed 1) via wifi, and 2) if the iPad browser is sufficient to complete the process.

Any pointers to the self installation process documentation so I can walk my girlfriend's non-technical sister through it, if necessary?

It is a challenge to coordinate this remotely!



Apache Junction, AZ
I did a self install on Century Link DSL and basically just had to plug it in. I got the modem at their office/kiosk in the mall and took it home and connected it myself. They are likely to run into problems with the phone line if they don't already have a suitable phone line though. When the C-L guy came the next day to check the line he found that it had been cut overhead in the alley and used for something else so he had to run a new wire from my house all the way down the alley to a junction box on the pole. If they already have suitable home phone service they will have to figure out how to connect the filters to all their phone jacks except the one the modem connects to and even a simple thing like that can be beyond the understanding of lots of older folks but you sister should be able to figure it out. If they have an alarm system or "help I've fallen and I can't get up" dialer they will have to figure out how to disconnect that or connect a filter to it too. Then they might still have phone problems if they are too far from the C.O. or the lines in the house are old and flaky. My line comes straight in to just one jack for the modem so that wasn't a problem.
The only problem I had was when the line went live and I tried to use the modem for the first time it went through a setup procedure to program it with my phone company assigned user name and password for the DSL service and the password failed to get configured properly so I had to IM tech support and find out what it was so I could put it in myself. That was easy to do by just browsing to the modem's webpage which is usually at IP address but would be beyond the comprehension of most older folks. I suggest she get the model number off the modem and download a manual for it that tells how to set it up because she will want to change some of the settings to enable WPA2 security and disable WPS. She should change the security password from the very long automatically generated one to a shorter one just 8-10 characters long using something that everyone can read and remember. She may also need to change the wi-fi channel from Auto to one that isn't used by anyone if there are a lot in the area. If she has any problem with doing that just get any neighborhood teenager to help her.

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I'm surprised that she is getting dsl service. I too had dsl 1.5 and when I got a new smart tv I wanted a faster download so I could use the apps. and was told that dsl was being phased out in my area and everynody was eventually going to be switched over to Uverse. Well I did before being forced.


Birmingham, AL
She should be able to complete the registration via the iPad with no issues. I've done with with basic DSL service.


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The only hard last about the self install is getting the broadband and service lights to go green. The Safari browser on the iPad will be able to complete the registration up to the point needed to activate the service, and so you should have no problems, just remember the iPad is going to call the wireless network key that you will need to fetch of the side of the modem a "password."